Nobel Laureate Howard Florey is undoubtedly the University of Adelaide’s most influential alumnus. His discovery of the use of penicillin has saved over 200 million lives, and is considered one of the greatest medical advances of all time.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Howard Florey and we’re proud to say his journey in health began at the University of Adelaide. In 2018, Howard Florey's legacy continues to inspire our present generation of leaders in medical research.

Scholarships' priceless value

It was scholarships that allowed Howard Florey to complete his University of Adelaide medicine degree; and they’ve helped many other high-performing health students and researchers over the years. Can you support a scholarship to help the next generation of health leaders start their journey?

"The Florey scholarship allowed me to attend a major overseas conference, where I met an international expert in microbiology. I visited his laboratory in Belgium, and learned essential research techniques that really accelerated my progress. Without the Florey scholarship, my research would not be at the advanced stage it is today."Dr Katharina Richter

The Florey Medical Research Foundation raises funds for postgraduate research scholarships and early-career postdoctoral research fellowships within the medical degree. Today, through the foundation that bears his name, his lifetime of achievement continues to inspire Adelaide students and researchers alike.

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