Awards and Assessment Criteria

Find out more about the poster presentations and assessment criteria.

Presentation criteria

Students are required to stand at their own poster for the duration of the presentation session to which they have been allocated, a proxy is not permitted and students must present in person. If you are not at your poster during the allocated session time, your poster will not be assessed and you will not be eligible for a prize.

Presentation structure 

You will be given five minutes to present your poster, with an additional two to three minutes of Q&A time. You will be assessed by a group of two to three assessors. It is important to highlight the essential parts of your poster and use clear, concise language.

Poster presentation assessment criteria

Poster presentations will be assessed according to the criteria below, with a score out of 10 provided for each category:

  • Quality and clarity of presentation and poster
  • Scientific merit
  • Quality of data/results/significance
  • General understanding and ability to answer questions  
  • Overall poster rating