Ray Last Laboratories

The Ray Last Laboratories consist of two multifunctional laboratory spaces which encompass surgical skills and anatomy areas.

Wide angle view of lab with many people in scrubs

The state-of-the-art laboratories are located within the Adelaide Medical School. Designed to service a wide range of uses from undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in anatomy to advanced surgical training, simulation, clinical skills and research; the laboratories employ specialist staff to ensure the highest level of service.

With a multifunction design, the space can be easily reconfigured for hosting large scale international workshops and conferences. All laboratories are equipped with high-end audio visual technology, including videoconferencing facilities and C-Bus lighting, controlled through touch screen panels.

In-built connectivity with the existing lecture theatres in the Adelaide Medical School provides even more flexibility for those wanting to hold large meetings with workshop sessions. In addition, as the school operates the state-wide body donation program and has the highest donation rate per capita in Australasia; our facility can provide access to both embalmed and unembalmed anatomical resources for approved uses.


Jim Manavis
Manager: Ray Last Laboratories
Helen Mayo South building
Phone: +61 8 8313 0131
Email: jim.manavis@adelaide.edu.au