Research Equipment Online Booking System

Do you need access to equipment to conduct scientific research? We provide researchers with access to world-class equipment, technology and facilities.

male and female researcher in lab goats and protective glasses, looking at equipment

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has a range of bookable, in-house research equipment, located across the various precincts of the faculty and SA Health units. We want to support researchers, enabling you to undertake research you might not otherwise be able to do without access to equipment.

Our available equipment includes but is not limited to:

  • advanced microscopy and other imaging equipment
  • real-time and conventional PCR machines
  • state-of-the-art histology equipment and services crotomes
  • flow cytometers (analysers and cell sorters)
  • a variety of plate readers and analysers.

Training and assistance

Do you need assistance or training in using the equipment? Staff assistance can be provided with prior arrangement.

If you have not used the equipment for three months, you may need to attend a refresher session to meet occupational health and safety requirements. Before entering our laboratories, you may also need to undertake a Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) induction if equipment is placed in OGTR certified facilities. This training can be provided by the University on request to the designated facility managers.


Please note that some equipment is subject to booking time limits (to ensure equitable access) and cost recovery charges which contribute to the costly maintenance for such devices. This is clearly indicated on the booking system.

How to book research equipment

University of Adelaide staff and students
If you are a staff member or student at the University of Adelaide, you can book research equipment online by logging into the booking system, using your ‘a’ number. See the Research Equipment Online Booking System User Guide (pdf file) for instructions on using the system.

Book research equipment