Study Overseas

As a Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences student, you can study overseas and gain life-changing international experience while completing your degree.

There are many overseas study experiences to choose from, with some even offering credit toward your degree. One option is to join an exchange program with one of our many partner universities. These run for a semester or year, and we can help you make all necessary arrangements.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own overseas study experience and self-report your experience. It could be a short study tour, internship, placement or conference, or even an exchange with a non-partner university. Explore your options on the Study Overseas web page.

Credit for your global experience is awarded in accordance with the University’s Academic Credit Arrangements Policy. It’s your responsibility to ensure any global experience you wish to undertake is eligible to be counted towards your degree’s academic requirements. In the case of electives, approval will still need to be obtained to ensure the courses are equivalent to your University of Adelaide courses.

If you are thinking about an exchange, we recommend you: