At the University of Adelaide’s School of Allied Health Science and Practice, you’ll be immersed at South Australia’s most comprehensive and globally recognised health education environment.

The School of Allied Health Science and Practice offers undergraduate honours degrees in physiotherapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy.

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Students learning together

High-level interprofessional learning

Take your health industry understanding to the next level with collaborative based learning alongside students from complementary allied health disciplines and mix with peers in dentistry, oral health, nursing, medicine, psychology and public health.

Speech pathology

Hands-on experience in our purpose-built training facilities and state-of-the-art simulation suites

To perfect your skills in a safe but realistic environment you'll have access to purpose-built allied health training facilities as well as Australasia’s most advanced simulated learning facility—Adelaide Health Simulation.

Occupational therapy training

Taught by practising professionals with an emphasis on real-world experience

Experience comprehensive practical training taught by registered professionals in real health care settings. All degrees have more than 800 hours of work-based training in a variety of settings to equip you to work in a broad range of areas.