Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Titleholder resource centre. Titleholders are an integral part of our community and deliver expertise knowledge and experience to our students learning experience. 

Being a titleholder means that you contribute not only to your own career, but to the development of high-quality colleagues/clinicians through teaching, research, and leadership. 

Why become a titleholder?

Becoming a titleholder at the University of Adelaide provides many benefits both personally and professionally.  

  • Library services for Titleholders

    As valued members of the University of Adelaide community, titleholders are actively encouraged to make use of the full use of the range of resources provided by the library throughout the duration of their honorary title. 

    This includes but is not limited to: 

    • Access to key Health and Medical journals.
    • Access to the University library and research facilities. 
    • Access to key software programs. 
    • A tailored training service providing guides regarding software, research, data management, referencing and library searching. 
    • Access to the University of Adelaide community network. 
  • Research services for Titleholders

    An honorary title also presents benefits as it relates to conducting research.

    This includes but is not limited to: 

How to apply

For titleholders

Current titleholders

See our specialised page for titleholders, which highlights news/events, new teaching opportunities, key contacts and support.

Resources for titleholders