Poster Information

Find details about poster size, layout and printing.

Poster size

A student poster from the conference

The poster size is 841 x 1189 mm (A0).

If you have already prepared a poster and it is not the preferred size for this conference, you will still be able to present, provided the poster does not exceed 1200mm in width and 1800mm in height.

Each poster board is setup vertically and horizontal posters will not be accepted. For consistency, we suggest you use the University of Adelaide A0 Poster template.

Font, layout and design

Use simple fonts in an easy to read size. Ensure font, image and figure colours are contrasting. Keep titles simple and include a figure caption and legend where required.

Poster printing

If you require poster printing, you may wish to contact Snap Adelaide Flinders Street via as they offer a University of Adelaide rate. The 2022 price was $27.50 per A0 poster on 80gsm bond.