Adelaide Medical School

Adelaide Medical School is the largest school in the University, providing an innovative and collaborative research and teaching environment, with major locations in the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building on North Terrace, and the Royal Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth, Lyell McEwin and Women’s and Children’s Hospitals.

Our large team of talented academics and titleholders, both clinical and non-clinical, undertake world-class laboratory, clinical and population-based research, working closely with the health sector to answer important questions about diseases and their determinants and treatments, as well as to deliver health care effectively and efficiently. We have trained doctors for nearly 140 years, and in 2022, launched our Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. Students are provided with practical case-based learning, simulated and real-world clinical experience, and valuable interprofessional learning opportunities.

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Our research and teaching

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Dean and Head of the Adelaide Medical School

Professor Danny Liew

Professor Danny Liew is the Dean and Head of the Adelaide Medical School. He is also a consultant physician in General Medicine at the Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

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Bachelor of Medical Studies

This is the first part of our medicine program; upon completion, you’ll gain direct entry into our Doctor of Medicine. Together, these degrees will qualify you to practise medicine anywhere in Australia and throughout most of the world.

Bachelor of Medical Studies

Latest news

Doctor secures national scholarship to explore AI goals

A medical doctor with an interest in artificial intelligence, who is also a University of Adelaide alum, has been awarded one of the prestigious 2024 General Sir John Monash Scholarships. 

Human medicine may provide the key to curing canine cancer

A new University of Adelaide-led trial will investigate if a potential treatment for breast cancer in humans can prolong the lives of pet dogs who are diagnosed with the disease.

New shape-shifting antibiotics in the battle against superbugs

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to human health, but a new discovery could help in the war against superbugs, potentially saving millions of lives.