Adelaide Health Technology Assessment

Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (AHTA) undertakes comprehensive evidence-based assessments of health technology and interventions to inform policy and practice.

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At AHTA we work closely with the federal health department, and those in each state, assessing the suitability of health interventions, technologies and services for public funding by the health system. Highly detailed and evidence-based, our assessments consider four key factors: safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness and ethics.

AHTA also has significant health data, statistics and IT capabilities, enabling us to offer a full range of related services that includes:

  • health care evaluation to inform policymakers as to which health care practices are safe, effective and good value for money
  • critique of industry submissions seeking public funding of medicines
  • assessment of new and emerging technologies
  • review of services provided on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to ensure they’re safe, effective and appropriately used, and represent value for money
  • methodological research
  • development of clinical practice guidelines
  • study design and analysis services to enhance the handling and quality of research data informing clinical regulatory and reimbursement decision-making
  • creation of web-based information systems for small-to-large-scale research projects
  • creation of databases for complex datasets.

Like to learn more about health technology assessment?

You may like to take our practice-focused Health Technology Assessment course, run in conjunction with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’ School of Public Health.

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