Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym & Plinth Room

The brand-new Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym and Plinth Room are specialist facilities, purpose-built for our physiotherapy program.

Image of man on treadmill in rehab gym

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym 

Unveiled in 2021, the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym and Plinth Room launched with the University of Adelaide’s suite of allied health programs, ensuring new students and staff are well-equipped to begin their journey with the University.

The setup and equipment available provide flexible learning and teaching environments and promote a practical, hands-on approach to our Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) courses.

Primarily utilised by physiotherapy students and teaching staff, these spaces are fully capable of simulating the real-world environment where our graduates will work.

Complementing and encouraging collaborative work, these spaces help facilitate not only the practical skills required for successful physiotherapists, but also their interpersonal skills.

With our staff committed to delivering state-of-the-art allied health education, our industry-leading facilities form an integral part of the learning and training experience.


  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym

    The Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym is fitted with state-of-the-art exercise and strength and conditioning equipment to allow students to integrate exercise therapy into the management of their patients.

    Clinical examples include patients who are recovering from injury, undergoing post-surgical rehabilitation, or who are seeking to optimise their health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

    • Exercise balls: Used for a variety of purposes, including in contemporary rehabilitation and fitness settings.
    • Parallel bars: Used in rehabilitation to help patients re-learn to walk, regain lower-body strength following injury, and recover from illness or surgery.
    • Pilates reformer: Used to recover from injury and to improve athletic performance. Pilates reformers develop core stability, muscle endurance, peripheral joint stability, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.
    • Resistance training equipment: Used to prescribe and monitor exercises to rebuild physical strength, endurance and optimise performance. The gym includes a variety of pin-loaded and free-weight equipment commonly used in rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning settings.
    • Steps: Used in rehabilitation to improve mobility, and to teach patients to safely negotiate steps using mobility aids such as crutches and walking sticks.
    • Treadmills & stationary bikes: Used to build endurance, stamina, and cardio-respiratory health.
  • Plinth Room

    • Hospital beds: Allows students to develop the skills needed to safely assess and treat patients in a hospital-like environment.
    • Plinths: Modern electronic height-adjustable physiotherapy ‘treatment tables’, frequently used in the assessment and treatment of patients. Within the Plinth Room, our students learn and practice physiotherapy techniques in a simulated real-world clinical environment.


Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym
Level 1
Hughes building (entrance near Hub Central)
North Terrace
University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA 5000

Plinth Room (Physiotherapy Practical Space 1)
Level 2
Helen Mayo North building
Frome Road
University of Adelaide, SA, 5005.


For more information about the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Gym or Plinth Room, please contact:

School of Allied Health Science and Practice
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Phone: +61 8 8313 1006