Our alumni community plays a significant role in driving and shaping the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

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Our alumni live and work all over the world, making significant contributions in the fields of dentistry and oral health, medicine, psychology, nursing and health sciences. As an active member of this group, you will have the ability to stay connected with your University community and fellow graduates throughout your life.

We have a rich history of alumni making a real impact on the lives of individuals and communities:

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By giving to the University, you will help us to contribute to society. Whether it is a financial donation or non-monetary gift, there are many ways to give. For example, within the faculty, you can support the Florey Medical Research Foundation, which raises funds for postgraduate research scholarships and early-career postdoctoral research fellowships within the medical degree.

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Alumni stories

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Alumni stories

Inspiring South Australian Woman: Helen Marshall AM

Professor Helen Marshall AM, graduate from MBBS 1988, M Public Health 2004, MD 2011 was named SA Australian of the Year for 2021 and was awarded the Inspiring South Australian Women Award from the Australia Day Council of South Australia and the Office for Women in 2020.

2022 Young South Australian of the Year Trudy Lin

Dr Trudy Lin is a graduate from BDS 2014, D Clin Dent, and was awarded 2022 Young South Australian of the Year.

She is a special needs dentistry consultant who provides oral health care to people with disability, psychiatric illness, and complex medical issues such as cancer. She also treats people experiencing homelessness and domestic violence.

2020 Australian of the Year: James Muecke AM

Dr James Muecke AM, and eye surgeon is among the University of Adelaide’s Distinguished Alumni and named SA Australian of the Year for 2020. He has made it his life's work to fight childhood blindness in low-income countries. His not-for-profit organisation Sight For All has made significant steps towards eliminating blindness in Asia.

Paying tribute to Dr Basil Hetzel AC (1922-2017)

One of Australia’s greatest medical pioneers and distinguished graduate from the University of Adelaide, Dr Basil Hetzel was renowned for his outstanding achievements in major aspects of public health and clinical medicine.

Your support in action: Dr Melanie McDowall

Dr Melanie McDowall has focused her research on developing new diagnostics to help choose the healthiest embryos to transfer to increase pregnancy success rates following IVF.

112th Rhodes Scholar: Dr Sarah Short

Graduate from B Health and Medical Sciences (Hons) 2019 and Medicine 2020, Sarah has become the University’s 112th Rhodes Scholar, awarded one of only three Australia-at-Large Rhodes Scholarships offered each year to study at Oxford University.