Translational Health Outcomes

Translational health research applies basic scientific findings from laboratory and preclinical studies to enhance human health and wellbeing at the personal and community level—taking experimental findings ‘from bench to bedside’ through new treatments and improved health policy.

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High quality preclinical, clinical and epidemiological research is the foundation stone of optimised health care provision that serves to improve the quality of life of patients who are managed in the health system. Effective translational research is crucial to the continued improvement and sustainability of the Australian health system, and requires significant engagement with industry and service sectors within government.

Our researchers are developing new and innovative ways to transfer new knowledge to health service professionals, to: change practice; improve skills; and influence policy and procedures system-wide.

Researchers across the faculty are focused on:

  • undertaking population surveys to develop and test new interventions to improve the mental health of children and adolescents
  • undertaking evidence-based practice development to manage at-risk populations for trauma and mental disorders across the lifespan 
  • elucidating genetic factors that may serve as new targets for therapy, or are predictive of responses to pharmaceutical treatments 
  • performing longitudinal studies of patients undergoing invasive procedures to review and improve standard practice in the health care system
  • developing evidence-based assessments of novel surgical techniques and postoperative care to enhance skills and promote knowledge transfer to health service professionals.

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