Welcome to the Adelaide Geriatrics Training & Research with Aged Care (GTRAC) Centre.

We aim to undertake collaborative research and training to deliver positive outcomes for the health and wellbeing of older people.

With the hub at Woodville South and spoke at Paradise, we are linked to the Aged and Extended Care Services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville South, South Australia.

Changing the way aged care is taught and delivered

Centre of Research Excellence in Frailty and Healthy Ageing

Between 2016 and November 2022, we collaborated with academic groups across Australia and internationally to build the evidence base for frailty in Australia and contribute towards the global Healthy Ageing agenda. This project was funded by the National Health Medical Research Council Centre of Research Excellence scheme. There was also funding support from the University of Adelaide, the Hospital Research Foundation and Resthaven Inc.

Frailty: Every Step You Take Matters!

What is frailty, and what can you do about it?

Our researchers collaborated with an advisory group, to produce this animation in direct response to information needs and misconceptions about frailty identified through our program of research with older adults in South Australia.