Allergy and Vaccine Research Group

The Allergy and Vaccine Research Group is interested in the prevention and management of food allergy and vaccine safety surveillance.

In westernised countries there is an evolving epidemic of allergic disease that primarily affects children under five years of age. Recent studies have shown that at 12 months of age one in 10 Australian children have an egg allergy and one in 30 have a peanut allergy.

Our goal is to understand the role of early-life prenatal and post-natal egg exposure in the development of tolerance to egg and investigate potential treatments for peanut allergy using oral immunotherapy treatment with a combination of probiotic and peanut and transdermal patches impregnated with peanut.

Vaccine safety surveillance aims to address the current deficiencies in post-licensure passive surveillance and is investigating data linkage and SMS based surveillance. We collaborate with the Adelaide Health Technology Assessment Team (AHTA) to complete systematic reviews on vaccine safety and the development of communication material for global dissemination. 

Internationally, we collaborate with the Global Vaccine Safety Team at the World Health Organisation, the University of Cape Town - Vaccines For Africa Initiative and the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe. Nationally, we collaborate with interstate investigators at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, and the Universities of Melbourne, Western Australia and New South Wales.

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