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Translational Vascular Function Research Collaborative

The Translational Vascular Function Research Collaborative’s objective is to improve the health outcomes for patients with coronary heart and peripheral artery disease.

Our current research undertakes basic, clinical and epidemiological studies into cardiovascular disorders, approaches that can be applied to other vascular disorders. 

We conduct interdisciplinary research using a collaborative approach and directly integrate our results into clinical practice, so we can see the impact on patients’ lives. This involves a combination of different types of research, including:

  • Integrated laboratory and clinical research, or ‘bench to bedside’ research, which sees discoveries generated in the laboratory and then developed through clinical trials.
  • Exploring ways of applying evidence-based medicine, recommendations or guidelines to clinical practice in order to yield knowledge about real world settings.

Our team consists of both physicians and medical scientists located at the Basil Hetzel Institute, University of Adelaide Medical School, and various teaching hospitals. The integrative nature of the group ensures that our innovative research is translated from bench to bedside to health outcome—as well as the reverse.

Lead researcher: Professor John Beltrame

Research team

Molecular Physiology of Vascular Research Function
Research support 
  • Matthew Hay
  • Rachel Jakobczak
Clinical Physiology of Vascular Function Research Group
  • Associate Professor Margaret Arstall
  • Dr David DiFiore
  • Dr Abdul Sheikh
  • Dr Rosanna Tavella
  • Dr Sivabaskari Pasupathy
  • Associate Professor Matthew Worthley
  • Associate Professor Chris Zeitz
Research support 
  • Rachel Jakobczak
  • Matthew Hay
Healthcare Innovation, Policy and Evaluation Research (HIPER)
Research support


Interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree with us?

We offer exciting opportunities for researchers at the honours, masters and PhD levels. Our research degrees are open to students from a broad range of backgrounds, and range from basic sciences to clinical research. If you are interested in human health, consider furthering your research career with us.