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Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Group

We are interested in understanding chronic rhinosinusitis—a condition causing the cavities around nasal passages to become inflamed and infected—and identifying new diagnostic and prognostic markers and treatment strategies that benefit patients.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, the Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Group is taking research from bench to bedside by investigating all aspects of rhinological research, from the mechanism and progression of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) to the identification and validation of new treatment strategies in vitro and in vivo. 

Our research covers a number of areas, including: 

  • pathogenesis of CRS and specifically the role that bacteria and the local microbiome play in both the development of CRS and the recalcitrant course of some patients after surgery
  • new strategies to improve wound healing post-surgery, such as gels and new topical treatments for CRS
  • an animal model for eosinophilic sinusitis to study various aspects of the disorder
  • different hemostats in skull base surgery
  • an animal model of major vascular injury to trial new treatments and to train surgeons.

Lead researcher: Professor Peter-John Wormald

Research team

  • Associate Professor Alkis J Psaltis - Consultant Surgeon and Head of Department
  • Dr Kien Ha - Consultant Surgeon
  • Dr Steve Floreani - Consultant Surgeon
  • Dr John Ling - Consultant Surgeon
  • Associate Professor Hashita Pant - Consultant Surgeon
  • Dr Rowan Valentine - Consultant Surgeon
  • Dr John Scott - Otorhinolaryngology Fellow
  • Associate Professor Sarah Vreugde - Chief Medical Scientist
  • Dr Clare Cooksley
  • Dr Mahnaz Ramezanpour
  • Dr Katharina Richter
  • Mr Andrew Hayes
Research support
  • Catherine Bennett
  • Dr Jae Murphy - PhD candidate
  • Dr Lisa Marie Cherian - PhD candidate
  • Dr Mian Li Ooi - PhD candidate
  • Dr Sathish Paramasivan - PhD candidate
  • Dr Jake Jervis-Bardy - MSc candidate
  • Dr Annika Mascarenhas - MSc candidate
  • Dr Stephanie Anne Fong - PhD candidate
  • Dr Rachel Goggin- MSc candidate
  • Dr Michael Gouzos - MSc candidate
  • Dr Stephen Kao - MSc candidate
  • Dr Anna Megow - MSc candidate
  • Dr Beula Subashini Panchatcharam - PhD candidate
  • Dr Rajan Vediappan - PhD candidate
  • Ms Ashley Twigger - Honours candidate
International visiting researchers
  • Dr Hua Hu
  • Dr Masanobu Suzuki


  • Basil Hetzel Institute collaborators and external researchers: Ehud Hauben, Susan Lester and Maureen Rischmueller, Clive Prestidge, Nicky Thomas, Stephen Kidd, Benjamin Thierry
  • International collaborators in the Netherlands, United States of America, India, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Thailand, Belgium and New Zealand

Interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree with us?

We offer exciting opportunities for researchers at the honours, masters and PhD levels. Our research degrees are open to students from a broad range of backgrounds, and range from basic sciences to clinical research. If you are interested in human health, consider furthering your research career with us.