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Connected Conversations | Laura McNamara

Laura McNamara

Before she transitioned into administration as a Student Operations Officer, Laura McNamara, lived a past life as a library assistant in the Barr Smith Library. For 15 years, Laura spent her days nurturing her lifelong love for literature, history, and the arts. With a passion for history, origami, and almond lattes, Laura hopes continue bringing kindness and light to everything she does. 

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Connected Conversations | Joash Tham

Joash Tham

Joash Tham is a fourth-year dental student from Singapore. Ever since landing here in Adelaide back in 2019, Joash has carped every diem, seizing as many opportunities as possible to enhance his skills, life experience and world-view. Aside from being a talented singer songwriter, surfer, baker and hip-hop dancer, Joash believes his faith has put him on the path he’s travelling today. Also, he has a soft spot for Michiru’s Oyakodon.

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Connected Conversations | Mary Butler

Mary Butler

How does one go from medieval pottery expert to occupational therapist? Professor Mary Butler was first exposed to the field when she worked at an asylum in Scotland, where she fell in love with the value of the work occupational therapy provides. Now the Program Head of Occupational Therapy at the University of Adelaide, Mary has been instrumental to the successful delivery of the occupational therapy degree’s first student intake in 2021, relocating from New Zealand to South Australia for the opportunity. Among other things she loves about Adelaide, Mary enjoys riding her electric bike into work along the River Torrens every morning.

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Connected Conversations | Neha Kasture

Neha Kasture

How do you balance a love of art, music, writing, dance, science and medicine? Neha Kasture uprooted her life in New Zealand six years ago to pursue a career in medicine. Taking a break from medical school last year, she completed an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences to further explore her interests in mental health. Now, a year from completing both degrees, Neha dreams of a life practising medicine, dabbling in research, and continuing her myriad of creative hobbies. 

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Connected Conversations | Brooke Pearce

Brooke Pearce

After being diagnosed as profoundly deaf 30 years ago, high-achiever, Dr Brooke Pearce became even more determined to strive for success. Following a strong career in research, Brooke is now the Senior Teaching Laboratory Support Officer for the faculty and aims to improve teaching for both students and staff at the University. On weekends, you may find her playing netball, coaching netball, or umpiring netball.

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Connected Conversations | Coral Yeung

Coral Yeung

After an offhand comment from a dentist, 18-year-old Coral Yeung uprooted her life in Mildura to study at the renowned Adelaide Dental School. Now in her final year of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide, Coral hopes her final placement in picturesque Tasmania sets her up for a fruitful career in clinical dentistry.

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Connected Conversations | Millie Bird

Mille Bird

Growing up in the Northern Territory with both parents working in the rural sector sowed the seeds for physiotherapy student, Millie Bird, to follow a similar path. After a six-month solo trip around Southeast Asia fostered a fierce love of meeting new people, and a conquest of the Alice Springs Larapinta Trail revealed the importance of nurturing the human body, Millie took the first steps towards a career in health. Her experiences have not only inspired her to pursue physiotherapy but have instilled a strong sense of responsibility for helping remote Indigenous communities. 

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Connected Conversations | David Lam

David Lam

For part-time doctor, part-time educator, part-time musician, and part-time DJ, Dr David Lam, medicine and music have always come hand-in-hand. Among his many accolades, David holds the titles of Adelaide Medical School Best Rural Teacher, RACGP National GP of the Year, and InDaily 40 Under 40 of SA’s Top Entrepreneurs and Innovators. On weekends, you can find David mentoring young people in Port Augusta, cooking up a feast with Streaky Bay abalone, or jamming at the footy with his siblings at Adelaide Oval.

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Connected Conversations | Sean Lambert

Sean Lambert

Ever wonder who keeps the rent paid, the power on, the water flowing, and the pantry stocked in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences? Services, Infrastructure and Equipment Support Officer, Sean Lambert, is one of the few familiar faces you may recognise around the faculty. Originally studying a forensics science degree, fascinated by TV shows like CSI, Sean never thought his studies would bring him to sunny Adelaide.

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Connected Conversations | Elise Przytula

Elise Przytula

After a whirlwind adventure working on a Disney Cruise ship, Elise Przytula sailed back to her hometown of Adelaide four years ago. Now, instead of helping Captain Hook find his hook, doing the Macarena with Goofy, and washing Mickey Mouse’s underwear, Elise is busy visiting high schools, organising OSCE practical exams, and chasing after her 18-month-old daughter, Aubrey. Meanwhile, she's also working towards completing her '40 countries before turning 40' list, collecting headstand photos in front of the world's famous landmarks along the way.

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