Dentistry | Oral Health

When you help people maintain optimal dental and oral health, the benefits reach far beyond their smiles. You also have a major, rewarding impact on their general health, well-being and capacity to enjoy life.

As a dentist or oral health therapist, you will play a uniquely important role in supporting and contributing to the health of individuals in the community; and there’s arguably no better place to master it than the Adelaide Dental School. Here you will:

  • learn from outstanding, nationally awarded staff in one of the most advanced dental facilities in Australia
  • develop precise clinical skills in our state-of-the-art Dental Simulation Clinic
  • hone your skills in later years providing dental treatment to patients in the world-class new Adelaide Dental Hospital, and through our Community Outreach Dental Program.

You will graduate ready to excel in the profession, with superior professional capability and confidence.

Undergraduate dental and oral health therapy degrees

If you’d like to become a dentist, take your first step by completing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a career as an oral health therapist, the Bachelor of Oral Health will get you on your way. In either case, you’ll need to apply for professional registration with the Dental Board of Australia (external link) after graduating.

The University of Adelaide Dental School provides students with quality hands on experience, while being surrounded by a team of enthusiastic oral health professionals and academics. This provides a strong background for developing leadership skills, collaborative teamwork and employability.Bianca Stott, Bachelor of Oral Health

Postgraduate dental and oral health degrees

If you’re a dentist looking to specialise, the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry can provide you with advanced training and qualifications in: endodontics; oral and maxillofacial pathology; orthodontics; periodontics; prosthodontics; or special needs dentistry.

We also offer a coursework-based Graduate Certificate in Oral Health Science and Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in exploring an area of interest through a postgraduate research degree, you can choose from the Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy (Dentistry).

Undertaking my PhD at the Adelaide Dental School was an amazing experience. The University environment and research resource was essential to help me achieve my goals, and getting in contact with students from all around the world was invaluable.Daniela Ribeiro, PhD in Dentistry

Gain hands-on experience

Wherever appropriate and as often as possible, you will gain hands-on experience in dentistry and oral health therapy in our Dental Simulation Clinic, the Adelaide Dental Hospital (external link) and in a range of community settings, including public and private practice.

Dental Simulation Clinic

Our state-of-the-art Dental Simulation Clinic provides a remarkably advanced, and effective learning environment. You’ll practise at computer-linked treatment stations with simulated patients.

Clinical placements

As a student you’ll also have the opportunity to provide dental services to those in need under the supervision of qualified dentists at an SA Dental Service Clinic (external link). Plus, you’ll undertake placements in a range of community settings. These could be intrastate, interstate, or even - in some cases - overseas.

Admission guides contain detailed information about the degrees’ current admissions criteria, requirements and eligibility. Failure to read the admission guide for your program will not be grounds for special consideration.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences reserves the right to change these admission criteria and processes without notice. If you’re thinking of applying at some stage in the future, be sure to check back.

Are you an international student wishing to study undergraduate dentistry or oral health? See our international applicant admission guides (above) and the step-by-step international students application guide for more information about how to apply.

Postgraduate coursework degrees

Applications to most University of Adelaide postgraduate coursework programs are made online via SATAC (external link). The specific requirements for each degree are available on Degree Finder – make sure you read these thoroughly before applying.

Are you an international student wishing to undertake a postgraduate coursework degree? See our step-by-step international students application guide for more information about how to apply.

Higher degrees by research

A key component of a successful postgraduate research experience is finding the best supervisor to help you achieve your investigative goals. Depending on your area of interest, there are several avenues for you to explore potential postgraduate research topics and locate a supervisor. For an overview of all research within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, visit our Research website and explore our areas of research.

If you are interested in applying for a Higher Degree by Research in our faculty please visit the Admission and/or Scholarship Application Process webpage on the Adelaide Graduate Centre website.

Once you're ready to apply, visit the Adelaide Graduate Centre, which administers both domestic and international postgraduate research applications. If you have any queries, contact the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

If you’re interested in studying to become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, you must hold a registered dental and medical degree, and have completed a year of general surgery. The Adelaide Dental School’s oral and maxillofacial surgery training pathway is provided in conjunction with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

Find out more about our oral and maxillofacial surgery program application procedures.

Study overseas

How does a few weeks’ study in Vietnam sound? Or Austria, China or Japan? How about a semester in Denmark, the US or the Netherlands? At the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences we can offer you a wide range of exciting opportunities to study overseas within your degree. Depending on your program, opportunities available to you could include short study tours, semester exchanges, clinical placements and volunteer opportunities.

As a dentistry or oral health therapy student, you’ll have the opportunity to study overseas through a range of programs, including student exchange, study tours and summer and winter schools. There are many exciting opportunities in Asia and Europe. You may have the opportunity to undertake part of your clinical placement rotation during a two-week trip to Vietnam, visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Hanoi. During your study tour you’ll work as part of a clinical team in local schools and private practices. For more information about studying overseas as a dentistry or oral health therapy student, contact

Community Outreach Dental Program

This valuable program provides vital dental and other health services free of charge for people experiencing homelessness, or having difficulty accessing care elsewhere.

For these people, this program makes a huge difference in their lives. For you as an Adelaide Dental School student, it provides a fantastic opportunity to develop your clinical skills and broaden your community understanding. Since launching the program in 2011, we—with the assistance of a group of dedicated volunteer private dentists and allied health professionals—have provided care for over 400 patients.

Student experiences

Our students talk about what it's like to study dentistry and oral health at the University of Adelaide.

Studying dental surgery

Studying oral health

Bachelor of Oral Health | Simulated Learning

Graduate Certificate in Oral Health

Community Outreach Dental Program

Dentists fly for outback care

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