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Connected Conversations | Laura Eadie

In geographical terms, Dr Laura Eadie has come full circle. After undertaking a Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide, she moved to Memphis to pursue a Fulbright fellowship looking at mouse models of leukaemia before returning to Adelaide, where she now leads the T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (T-ALL) group at SAHMRI

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Connected Conversations | Stephen Tormet

Stephen Tormet

In the bustling world of faculty events, there's one individual who can always be found working quietly behind-the-scenes to ensure every detail falls seamlessly into place. Today, we shine a light on the person who keeps all our events running like clockwork—Faculty Events Officer, Steve Tormet.

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Connected Conversations | Taseef Farook

Taseef Farook

Taseef Farook is a man of many talents—and infectious enthusiasm! A qualified dentist and recipient of the International Student of the Year Award in 2023, Taseef is currently undertaking a PhD blending artificial intelligence and the dynamics of the human jaw. He is also an emerging entrepreneur and founder of the Dental Loop, an initiative that aims to apply classic and cutting-edge AI techniques to enhance diagnostic support and patient engagement. On weekends, Taseef enjoys getting outside and discovering Adelaide’s many picturesque hikes—like the Mt Osmond lookout, with 360 degree views across Adelaide.

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Connected Conversations | Danny Liew

Danny Liew

An illustrious career in medical education and clinical epidemiology led Danny Liew to Adelaide to take up joint appointments as a consultant physician at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and at the University as Dean of Medicine and Head of Adelaide Medical School. Arriving in January 2022 amid pandemic-related disruptions meant Danny had to hit the ground running… and he hasn’t stopped since! In the moments Danny isn’t working, you can find him cheering on his beloved Western Bulldogs, adding to his encyclopaedic knowledge of sports trivia, plotting road trips around Australia and visiting beautiful beaches.

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Connected Conversations | Chloe Caire

Chloe Caire

When her own chronic illness inspired Chloe Caire to pursue nursing, she knew she wanted to help other women through health issues that are often overlooked. Now in her third and final year, Chloe hopes her passion for health care and education will set her up for a rewarding career. In Chloe’s spare time, you’ll find her curled up with a good book, with her pet cats not far away.

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Connected Conversations | Tassia Oswald

Tassia Oswald

Tassia Oswald’s strong sense of environmental and social justice stemmed from a young age. After discovering that framing environmental issues in terms of health is a powerful way to influence decision-makers to take action, Tassia undertook cross-disciplinary studies in psychology and public health. Recently taking home both the People’s Choice Award and Student’s Choice Award at the 2021 University of Adelaide 3MT Finals, Tassia hopes her research into psychological impacts of ‘screen time’ and ‘green time’ for children and adolescents can help her secure a place as an international postdoctoral researcher or policy-maker in the future.

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Connected Conversations | Edward Miller

Edward Miller

Sometimes, you have to try something else before finding your true passion. Former bank employee turned oral health student, Edward Miller, is proof of this. Hoping to now contribute to oral health care and education, Edward is excited to jump into his career and start helping people. When he’s not in the clinic, you’ll find him enjoying the great outdoors or sipping on a good old oat milk matcha.

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Connected Conversations | Breanna Papagni

Breanna Papagni

Second-year occupational therapy student, Breanna Papagni, has always wanted to help others one-on-one so a career in health was a clear path for her. After an initial interest in public health, Breanna has now discovered the world of occupational therapy and hasn’t looked back since. In her downtime, you might find her at the UniBar or running her own luxury styled picnic business.   

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Connected Conversations | Francess Cricelli

Francess Cricelli

After starting her career in customer service, Francess Cricelli just couldn’t step away from helping others. Now a Program Advisor in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, you might recognise her familiar face manning the desks in the Student Centre in Helen Mayo building. When she’s not helping students with timetabling, enrolments, and program advice, Francess is busy getting lost in the world of virtual tours of New York City.

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Connected Conversations | Xueying Sun

Xueying Sun

After a last-minute change of heart in the midst of Year 12 exams, Xueying Sun decided to pursue a career in medicine. Now in her fourth year of her studies, Xueying is grateful for the opportunity she was given to transfer into her dream career after first year. While she navigates the trials and tribulations of medical school, Xueying has grasped every opportunity she’s been given at uni to experience the full student life—all while hitting up the best vegan eatery joints Adelaide has to offer.

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