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Connected Conversations | Sean Lambert

Sean Lambert

Ever wonder who keeps the rent paid, the power on, the water flowing, and the pantry stocked in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences? Services, Infrastructure and Equipment Support Officer, Sean Lambert, is one of the few familiar faces you may recognise around the faculty. Originally studying a forensics science degree, fascinated by TV shows like CSI, Sean never thought his studies would bring him to sunny Adelaide.

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Connected Conversations | Elise Przytula

Elise Przytula

After a whirlwind adventure working on a Disney Cruise ship, Elise Przytula sailed back to her hometown of Adelaide four years ago. Now, instead of helping Captain Hook find his hook, doing the Macarena with Goofy, and washing Mickey Mouse’s underwear, Elise is busy visiting high schools, organising OSCE practical exams, and chasing after her 18-month-old daughter, Aubrey. Meanwhile, she's also working towards completing her '40 countries before turning 40' list, collecting headstand photos in front of the world's famous landmarks along the way.

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Connected Conversations | Roger Byard

Roger Byard

A prosperous career in forensic pathology has made Professor Roger Byard a well-known name around the world. Recently named the world’s top researcher in forensic science by the Australian, Roger is passionate about blending the disciplines of forensics and medicine. Having made his mark in Bali, Thailand, Canada and the US, Roger is also a frequent visitor of local Adelaide restaurants with his golden retriever, Lucy (who loves papadums).

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Connected Conversations | Huy Pham

Huy-Dat Pham

A medicine degree at the University of Adelaide usually takes six years to complete. However, this year, Huy Pham took the unconventional path of pushing pause on his medical studies to pursue a passion for research in an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences. Not wanting to stray too far from his roots, he is also the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society’s Education Programs Coordinator and Deputy Convenor for the Australian Medical Students’ Association’s 2021 National Convention. A strong advocate for mental health wellbeing, Huy’s hope is to have a positive impact on the world in some small way.

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Connected Conversations | Tracy Merlin

Tracy Merlin

Growing up through adversity and hardship inspired Professor Tracy Merlin to help create better access to affordable health care for the disadvantaged. This aspiration led Tracy down the path of public health practice and research and now, being Interim Head of the School of Public Health and Director of the Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (AHTA) during the first pandemic in 100 years, all she can do is take life one step at a time.

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Connected Conversations | Melissa Arnold-Chamney

Melissa Arnold-Chamney

Adelaide Nursing School’s Melissa Arnold-Chamney leads a busy life. On top of being the Year 3 Lead for the Bachelor of Nursing, Melissa is also a part-time PhD student and full-time mother to her 10-year-old son and naughty cat, Horacio. She hopes that her research into improving health care for our Aboriginal communities helps to catalyse positive change in cultural disparities across Australia.

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Connected Conversations | Larry Fazzalari

Larry Fazzalari

Dedicating his time to helping Higher Degree by Research students with their experience at the University of Adelaide and, by extension, their life-changing research outcomes, Research Development Officer, Larry Fazzalari, loves the opportunity to meet and work with new people each and every day. Larry spends his spare time either hitting the green or doting on his wife, dog, cats, and ringtail possums in a cosy suburban log cabin.

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Connected Conversations | Kirstee Smith

Kirstee Smith

While the global pandemic threw a spanner in the works for many of our students, it inspired health and medical sciences student, Kirstee Smith, to return to complete her final year of studies after a mid-degree gap year. In the post-COVID environment, the 2018 study tour to China that Kirstee took to explore the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now proven to be an invaluable experience as she now looks beyond her studies and into the future of health research.

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Connected Conversations | Martin Bruening

Martin Bruening

Interim Dean of Medicine, Dr Martin Bruening, has had a long journey in medicine and surgery. Though dedicating a lot of his career to rural medicine, Martin also appreciates the importance of family and looks forward to a future retirement on the Yorke Peninsula. In the meantime, he strives to help maintain the University of Adelaide’s world-class reputation in medical training.

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Connected Conversations | Emma George

Emma George

After years of preparation and planning, the University’s School of Allied Health Science and Practice has finally welcomed its first student cohort. Among the excited academics welcoming them is Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Dr Emma George. Since starting her career 20 years ago, Emma’s work has taken her around the globe and now, she hopes to inspire the next generation of occupational therapists.

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