Ageing, Frailty and Mobility

An increasing number of Australians are living for several decades beyond their retirement. As such, up to 4 million Australians are predicted to be impacted by frailty by 2050, making it a major personal, public, societal and economic health issue for our community.

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Experts from geriatric medicine, general practice, nursing, pharmacy, orthopaedics and rehabilitation medicine, together with researchers in knowledge translation, health economics, epidemiology and demography are working together to identify the prevalence, impact and distribution of frailty in the community and developing health care interventions that are appropriate and translatable to patient care. 

Furthermore, researchers are working collaboratively to explore the nature of ageing and frailty in order to develop and deliver models of care - benefiting individuals and our entire community.

Researchers across the faculty are focused on:

  • identifying the associations and long-term impact of frailty on health outcomes such as resilience, quality of life, susceptibility to disease complications and disability
  • examining the impact of medications on frailty to determine if frailty is a driver of susceptibility to adverse drug events
  • understanding the community environment and its contribution to frailty to enable design of new environments that support healthy ageing
  • developing and testing frailty health economics models
  • developing and testing new interventions and technologies to support, treat and reverse frailty in older people
  • identifying early predictors of frailty to evaluate early interventions to minimise or avoid the progression of the individual to frailty
  • developing and assessing technologies in hospital to monitor movement and behaviours of elderly patients at high risk of falling to minimise these events. 

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