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Active Vision Lab

The Active Vision Lab studies how people use visual information to interact with their environment, and how attention is deployed as people interact with their environment.

In our first themes, we work with patients with clinical field loss as well as normally sighted groups to understand how disease and healthy ageing impact active vision and sensorimotor control.

In our second theme, we investigate how active vision (including deployment of attention) is impacted during human-autonomy teaming and work on how to build more effective human machine interfaces.

Lead researcher: Associate Professor Anna Ma-Wyatt

Research team


  • Dr Preeti Verghese, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, USA
  • Dr Justin Fidock, DST Group
  • Professor Julie Harris, University of St Andrews
  • Professor Gilles Coppin, Lab STICC
  • Associate Professor Philippe Rauffet, University of Southern Brittany
  • Professor David Badcock, UWA and Professor Allison McKendrick, Melbourne University

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