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Primary Care and Health Services Research Group

The Primary Care and Health Services Research Group conducts clinical trials, and cross-sectional and longitudinal studies for informing health policy directions.

We regularly recruit medical practices and patients into long-term studies, so that we can analyse large data sets—often with the help of interstate and international universities.

One of the significant areas we research is the use of quality-of-life as a subjective indicator of health status change, and a prognostic factor of complications, among patients with cardiovascular disease in Australian general practice.

We work with data from the National Prescribing Service (collected by MedicineInsight), which draws on 500 practices across Australia, with over 2000 GPs and more than 3.5 million patients of all ages. Through this partnership, we are able to assess cardiovascular risk and obesity preventive strategies in Australian general practice. We also use National Prescribing Service data in our epidemiological studies—alongside qualitative research.

Our work with the Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network (ASPREN) allows us to provide annual vaccine effectiveness estimates for influenza-like illness and other conditions seen in general practice. This is an essential part of pandemic surveillance and preparedness in Australia.

Ultimately, our aim is to develop and pilot preventative health care strategies, and present relevant information and advice to patients. What we advocate for is quality preventative and other care that is delivered through targeted, personalised and automated pre-consultation education, information and advice from general practitioners to patients.

Lead researcher: Professor Nigel Stocks

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We offer exciting opportunities for researchers at the honours, masters and PhD levels. Our research degrees are open to students from a broad range of backgrounds, and range from basic sciences to clinical research. If you are interested in human health, consider furthering your research career with us.