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MAILES Longitudinal Male Ageing Study Research Group

MAILES Longitudinal Male Ageing Study Research Group conducts some of Australia's largest and longest running studies on male health and wellbeing with ageing.

The Men Androgen Inflammation Lifestyle Environment and Stress (MAILES) study, for example, involves the assessment over time of 2,584 South Australian men aged 35 to 80 years. It is providing data that continues to improve our understanding of risk factors for, and early warning signs of, diabetes, poor heart and metabolic health, sexual health, mental health, and men's use of health services. 

As this cohort of men age, we will uncover more information about cancer, osteoporosis and cognitive decline, as well as the importance of sleep health. This will help inform approaches to preventing and treating these health issues.

Lead researcher: Professor Gary Wittert

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