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Connected Conversations | Dr Danijela Menicanin

Dr Danijela Menicanin

What happens when you love your work and you’re asked to stay home? You adapt and start planning for the future! We spoke to senior lecturer, Dr Danijela Menicanin to learn about the innovation in teaching and student engagement she’s working on, in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Kent Algate

Kent Aldgate

For some, this current moment in time has had some unexpected positives. For lecturer and researcher, Dr Kent Algate, that has been seeing his newborn son smile for the first time while also pushing himself to become a better teacher for his students now and in the future. 

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Connected Conversations | Rosie Bond

Rosie Bond

When your job centres on student experience, how do you adapt to the current temporary changes to University life? We dialled in with Rosie Bond to find out how she is continuing to support our students while maintaining her own routine, in the next instalment of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Amy Chou & Jenny Won

Amy Chou & Jenny WonV2

The current changes to university life have impacted all students, possibly none more than first year international students settling into a brand-new city and new course. We chatted with flatmates Amy Chou and Jenny Won about adjusting expectations and their weekly take away ritual!

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Connected Conversations | Aidan Barbo

Aidan Barbo

In the new instalment of our Connected Conversations series, first-year medical student Aidan Barbo shares how he broke some bad habits and adjusted to a new routine. He has also been keeping a journal to document his experience.

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Connected Conversations | Bec Hanna

Bec Hannah

Our Connected Conversations series continues with Bec Hanna who shares some insight on balancing work at the University of Adelaide with her passion projects while also studying a Bachelor of Health and Medical Science.

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Connected Conversations | Roy Chan

Roy Chan

We spoke to first year health and medical sciences student Roy Chan about learning at his own pace, staying focused and learning how to grow a garden in our next instalment of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Monique Chilver

Monique Chilver

Monique Chilvers is a Fulbright scholar, PhD student and program manager researching influenza and infectious diseases. Read the full conversation here about how she and her colleagues have been preparing for a pandemic for years and how she stays connected to family and friends.

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Connected Conversations | Michael Cullen

Michael Cullen

First year psychological sciences student, Michael Cullen, shared some valuable insight on the importance of the ‘small stuff’, creating new routines and the resilience in all of us, in our latest Connected Conversation.

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Connected Conversations | Isobel Marshall

Isobel Marshall

The next instalment in our series, Connected Conversations, catches-up with third-year medicine student, Isobel Marshall. Read about how she has adjusted to slowing down, staying connected and maintaining a routine.

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