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Connected Conversations | Tom Sun

Tom Sun

Third year nursing student Tom Sun thrives on seeing his friends on campus to study with and hang out together. Like many of our students, it’s the personal connections that he’s been missing over these past few months. There have however been many positive moments such as friends stepping up to support Tom when he needed it most. Read on…

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Connected Conversations | Mohammad Afzal Mahmood

Mohammad Afzal Mahmood

With a strong passion for community and working in developing countries, Dr Mohammad Afzal Mahmood has been in high demand for his advice on public health outcomes both here and overseas. Taking his mobile office to some of Adelaide’s most picturesque locations we chatted to Afzal, riverside, about his work at the University and how he has adapted to the current needs of his students.

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Connected Conversations | Tamara Zhang

Tamara Zhang

We took a drive to the Barossa Valley to chat with recent dentistry graduate Dr Tamara Zhang about working in hazmat gear, discovering the joys of cooking at home and how she hasn’t missed eating out as much as she thought she would.

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Connected Conversations | George Dounas

George Dounas

Living and working in the Barossa Valley has had several unexpected positives for fifth year medical student, George Dounas. From discovering a new love of Aussie rules to learning family recipes from his yiayia to mastering virtual consultations – it has been a big year of finding new independence for George. We chatted to him one sunny day in Tanunda in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Corinna Van Den Heuvel

Corinna Van Den Heuvel

Associate Professor Corinna Van Den Heuvel has been a fixture at the University since she studied here 30 years ago. The academic, teaching and research powerhouse is also Interim Head of the Adelaide Medical School. We chatted to Corinna about her incredible staff, her desire to instil lifelong learning in her students and the energy on campus that she dearly misses in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Katrina Morgan

Katrina Morgan

Passionate about rural health and making a difference, Dr Katrina Morgan has been working remotely in South Australia for nearly 15 years. Technology over the past few months has improved connectedness for staff and students at the Adelaide Rural Clinical School, but she won’t miss all the PPE required at her clinic.

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Connected Conversations | Remi Watson

Remi Watson

Maintaining a study routine has not been easy for nursing student, Remi Watson. But learning some new skills and taking time out to work on her health has had a positive impact on her wellbeing over the past few months. Read the full story in our latest instalment of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Denice Higgins

Denice Higgins

Working longer than normal and skipping breakfast has been some of the consequences of the past few months for Dr Denice Higgins. We chatted with Denice about her various roles and how working in forensic odontology isn’t something that can be done from home in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Rutger de Zoete

Rutger de Zoete

Being part of setting up a brand new school and physiotherapy program during a pandemic has definitely had its challenges for Dr Rutger de Zoete! Added to this, Rutger has not been able to relocate to Adelaide and meet his new colleagues in person. Despite the unusual start to his new role, Rutger has maintained his enthusiasm and productivity over the past few months. Read all about it in our latest instalment of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Adriana Milazzo

Adriana Milazzo

As a senior lecturer and infectious disease epidemiologist in the School of Public Health, Dr Adriana Milazzo has been studying and teaching students about infectious disease for many years. With public health currently in the spotlight, we talked with Adriana about how she has been actively involved in the frontline response to COVID-19.

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