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Adjusting to a new country as well as university life has been tough at times for first-year dentistry student Anil Powar. But choosing when to view lectures online and ordering Uber Eats most nights have helped with the transition. Read the full interview here.

Anil Pwoar

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Anil. I am from Toronto, Canada and now live in Adelaide. I’m in my first year of a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University. My accommodation is shared with four other students, who all study different courses, also at the Uni. I am a very energetic, happy and fun person! My goal is to become the best dentist I can, through studying hard and communicating well with my patients. On a personal note, I am proud of the fact the I moved across the world to Australia at 18 and I am living (and I think, thriving!) on my own. This is a big personal achievement. 

How have you adapted to learning online? 

At first online learning was difficult, but over time I learnt to adapt to it and ask the teachers more questions. Also, you get to choose when you want to watch your lectures, which is a bonus!

Tell us a little about being on clinic or placement …

We only had about two clinical placements before COVID-19 hit. They were amazing, hands-on experiences, allowing us to learn more about each tool and apply our knowledge from lectures. I am really looking forward to this resuming in full.

What do you miss about being on campus?

I miss seeing all my friends and going outside when the weather was nice and warm.

Have you felt any pressure to make this time ‘more’ productive?

Yes! I feel like I have a lot more time on my hands, but I also feel that my Uni workload has increased! 

Have you learnt any new skills during this time that you will be adding to your CV?

I’m not sure if I will add it to my CV but… I have learnt how to do a full one-handed push-up! I have also improved my guitar skills.

Are you doing anything new or special to keep yourself motivated?

I’m just working my way through each day until campus life returns.

Quickfire questions!

Getting dressed for work or staying in PJs?


Needing colleagues to bounce ideas off of or loving the quiet to get into the zone?

A little bit of both. If I don’t understand something, then after a while yes I need to bounce off someone!

Uber Eats or home cooked meals?

Uber Eats at night most of the time ;)

Baking your own sourdough or eating what’s left in the freezer?

The freezer!

Scheduled vs unscheduled?


Reading or binge-watching Netflix?

Netflix 100%.

Good weather makes it easier working from home or bad weather?

It doesn’t matter to me as the inside doesn’t change.

Name three things you won’t miss about this current moment in time.

Being at home alone, away from my family.

Expensive Uber Eats!

A lack of routine.

And the three things you won’t forget…

All the self-improvement time.

Different food every night.

Lots of relaxation when I want it.

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