Patient Pamphlets

A series of educational patients pamphlets to aid the dental services providers in communicating the nature of dental decay to patients.

The pamphlets are pitched at a more detailed level than average pamphlets and deal with difficult issues e.g. why patients may have to come back to see the dentist more frequently than previously and why just filling the teeth is not the answer to dental decay.

Pamphlet orders

Multiple copies of patient pamphlets are available for ordering via the University of Adelaide Online Shop.

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Early childhood decay

If a bottle is left with the child at bedtime, the risk of decay is greater.

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Young adult decay

Most young adults have very few fillings when they leave school. But is their lifestyle a major decay risk?

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What's behind your changing dental problem?

Your own natural teeth are the best, but as you become older they need special care to keep them for life.

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Beating rampant decay

The decay process is out of control BUT you can turn it around.

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Dental sealants

A special protective coat of clear or tooth-coloured 'resin' that can help prevent decay.

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Whose teeth are at risk?

Tooth decay in some population groups is higher than might be expected or accepted.

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Controlling decay in your own mouth

Home care and lifestyle habits are key factors in preventing decay.

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Decay isn't what it used to be

If decay does develop but is detected early, it can be controlled by improved preventive action.

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