Preprocedural Rinsing

Infection control in dental practice is pivotal to avoid the spread of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi from one person or item/location to another, including from dental practitioner and dental staff to patients, and from patients to dental practitioner or other dental staff.

Contamination by dental aerosols has become a significant health concern in dental settings, particularly with the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, use of preprocedural mouthrinses in dental settings as an infection control measure has regained the attention.

The material in the professional pamphlet briefly covers the infection control measures in standard dental practice including hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, surgical procedures, safe management of sharps, management of clinical waste and environment control while focusing on the importance of preprocedural rinsing. The patient pamphlet, on the other hand, mainly concentrates on mouthwashes and oral health. It highlights the situations where a mouthwash may be recommended by dental practitioners as well as important things to be remembered while using a mouthwash. 

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