The Use of Fluorides in Australia

Fluoride use has long been the cornerstone of preventing dental caries, not only in Australia but also around the globe. 

The first national workshop to formulate national guidelines for use of fluorides in Australia was convened in 2005. This was followed by the second and third national workshops held in 2012 and 2019, respectively, to further review and update the national guidelines on fluoride use.

The professional pamphlet discusses in detail the latest situation of the dental caries and dental fluorosis in Australia while describing the 16 recommendations for the use of fluorides in Australia under the subcategories of community water fluoridation, self-use fluoride products and professionally applied fluoride products, based on the third national workshop on ‘The use of Fluorides in Australia’.

The patient pamphlet discusses the importance of fluoride in preventing and reducing tooth decay while providing an overview of the overall safety of using fluoride as well as benefits of community water fluoridation, using fluoridated toothpaste, mouth rinses, and professionally applied fluoride products such as fluoride varnish, gel and silver diamine fluoride.

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