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Men's Health

While the gap is narrowing, there remains a long-standing difference between the sexes in relation to risk factors for poor health and health outcomes, with males having five years less ‘healthy life' than females.

Men's health

The research area of men's health focuses on the common and interrelated conditions that constitute the bulk of the disease burden in men, and have the most significant effects on wellbeing and quality of life, families and workforce participation. These include:

  • prostate cancer
  • diabetes and heart disease 
  • anxiety and depression
  • urological disease 
  • sexual health 
  • reproductive health 
  • sleep health.

Our researchers are using an interdisciplinary approach to narrow the gap between male and female health. This comprises a network of basic scientists, public health, clinical, behavioural and social science researchers, health practitioners, educators, economists, consumers and expert advisors working together to share expertise and knowledge to advance men’s health.

Our research emphasises the biopsychosocial determinants of health across all our men’s health research and training programs. Our programs have a strong focus on:

  • healthy male ageing
  • clinical consequences of obesity
  • health literacy
  • preventative health and e-health measures
  • vulnerable populations of men at greater risk
  • innovation in screening, diagnostic and prognostic tools and therapies
  • health economics
  • healthy paternity.

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