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Connected Conversations | Andrew Zannettino

Andrew Zannettino

Professor Andrew Zannettino’s journey with the University of Adelaide started almost a decade ago and, since then, he’s worked his way through a number of senior leadership appointments before landing where he is now as the Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Partnerships) in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, and Executive Director of Research Strategy at CALHN. A passionate researcher at heart, Andrew was inspired at a young age to pursue a career in medical research. He believes firmly in the strength of strong interpersonal working relationships and connections, and strives to create positive workplace environments. When he’s not juggling multiple roles at work, Andrew’s likely tuned in to the latest true crime podcast or drumming it up for the SAHMRI Band.

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Connected Conversations | Geena Ho

Geena Ho

Hi, I’m Geena Ho, and I’m the face behind Connected Conversations and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’social media channels! It’s a bit strange to turn the lens onto myself but I’m also excited to have the opportunity to share a bit about myself with you all. I’m a writer, a storyteller, and a food-lover. I’ve had an absolute ball delivering the Connected Conversations series and have met some really amazing people, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it so far.

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Connected Conversations | Andrea Davila

Andrea Davila

Andrea Davila’s passion for health care stemmed from childhood visits to clinical environments. After almost a decade’s career as a registered nurse, Andrea has now taken up the role of Simulation Coordinator and nursing academic in the Adelaide Health Simulation. Between teaching, running assessments, and industry outreach, Andrea balances her life with her love of cooking, pranks, and a good cup of coffee.

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Connected Conversations | Bailey Deverell

Bailey Deverell

PhD studentBailey Deverell, always knew a path in health was for him. But he never thought he’d fall in love with teaching. The perfect combination of doing the research he loves, and organising and planning (with a beloved stationery collection), Bailey strives to share his passion with his students. Between time in the lab and time in the classroom, Bailey also loves to get out and about hanging out with friends, playing sport, gaming, and taking his Border Collie puppy to the beach.

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Connected Conversations | Chien-Li Holmes-Liew

Chien-Li Holmes-Liew

Chien-Li Holmes-Liew is not only a well-regarded clinical titleholder, helping to shape the new Bachelor of Medical Studies degree at the University of Adelaide, but also one of South Australia’s leading lung transplant physicians at CALHN. Recently recognised for her exceptional contributions to the University of Adelaide community as a titleholder at the 2021 University Awards for Outstanding Achievement, she has gone above and beyond to ensure she leaves a positive impact on the people in her life. After many years climbing the career ladder and becoming one of the best in her field, Chien-Li now strives to contribute to building a better world for future generations, which includes her six-year-old daughter, Olivia.

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Connected Conversations | Laura McNamara

Laura McNamara

Before she transitioned into administration as a Student Operations Officer, Laura McNamara, lived a past life as a library assistant in the Barr Smith Library. For 15 years, Laura spent her days nurturing her lifelong love for literature, history, and the arts. With a passion for history, origami, and almond lattes, Laura hopes continue bringing kindness and light to everything she does. 

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Connected Conversations | Joash Tham

Joash Tham

Joash Tham is a fourth-year dental student from Singapore. Ever since landing here in Adelaide back in 2019, Joash has carped every diem, seizing as many opportunities as possible to enhance his skills, life experience and world-view. Aside from being a talented singer songwriter, surfer, baker and hip-hop dancer, Joash believes his faith has put him on the path he’s travelling today. Also, he has a soft spot for Michiru’s Oyakodon.

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Connected Conversations | Mary Butler

Mary Butler

How does one go from medieval pottery expert to occupational therapist? Professor Mary Butler was first exposed to the field when she worked at an asylum in Scotland, where she fell in love with the value of the work occupational therapy provides. Now the Program Head of Occupational Therapy at the University of Adelaide, Mary has been instrumental to the successful delivery of the occupational therapy degree’s first student intake in 2021, relocating from New Zealand to South Australia for the opportunity. Among other things she loves about Adelaide, Mary enjoys riding her electric bike into work along the River Torrens every morning.

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Connected Conversations | Neha Kasture

Neha Kasture

How do you balance a love of art, music, writing, dance, science and medicine? Neha Kasture uprooted her life in New Zealand six years ago to pursue a career in medicine. Taking a break from medical school last year, she completed an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences to further explore her interests in mental health. Now, a year from completing both degrees, Neha dreams of a life practising medicine, dabbling in research, and continuing her myriad of creative hobbies. 

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Connected Conversations | Brooke Pearce

Brooke Pearce

After being diagnosed as profoundly deaf 30 years ago, high-achiever, Dr Brooke Pearce became even more determined to strive for success. Following a strong career in research, Brooke is now the Senior Teaching Laboratory Support Officer for the faculty and aims to improve teaching for both students and staff at the University. On weekends, you may find her playing netball, coaching netball, or umpiring netball.

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