An Dieu Trang Nguyen awarded inaugural David Beale scholarship in prostate cancer research

The South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI) congratulates PhD student Ms An Dieu Trang Nguyen on being awarded the inaugural David Beale Supplementary Scholarship in Prostate Cancer Research.

Pictured left to right: Professor Lisa Butler, Ms An Nguyen and Dr Shanice Mah

Ms An Nguyen received a University of Adelaide Medal for outstanding academic merit at her Honours graduation ceremony on the 9th of May 2023.  Pictured left to right: Professor Lisa Butler, Ms An Nguyen and Dr Shanice Mah.

The scholarship was established in 2023 from a generous donation to the University of Adelaide and SAiGENCI from Mr David Beale, to support outstanding emerging researchers in better understanding the causes and exploring potential treatments and cures for prostate cancer.

Mr David Beale established the scholarship to honour his father, the late Honourable Dr. Jack Gordon Beale AO who passed away in 2006 from prostate cancer.  Dr Jack Beale was Australia’s first Environment Minister who championed the conservation and development of Australia’s water resources and was a man of science and a staunch advocate of education and research.

Inaugural awardee Ms An Nguyen completed a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) and Honours (2022) in prostate cancer research at the University of Adelaide.  She was recently awarded a prestigious University Medal for outstanding academic merit throughout her undergraduate studies.

Ms An Nguyen began a PhD in 2023 to continue her prostate cancer research with Professor Lisa Butler, Dr Chui Yan (Shanice) Mah and Professor Lisa Horvath (Chris O’Brien Lifehouse) with SAiGENCI at the University of Adelaide.  

“Cancer cells have always fascinated me in how they can create such a delicate and complex system to gain their own growth advantage.  Nevertheless, deciphering cancer cell biology has never been an easy job, but since it is a tough job, the outcomes always feel more rewarding than ever”said Ms An Nguyen

Ms An Nguyen’s PhD research will investigate the role of a particular class of lipid in prostate cancer progression and metastasis, and to evaluate the efficacy of potential treatments targeting the synthesis and metabolism of this class of lipid.

In receiving the David Beale Supplementary Scholarship in Prostate Cancer Research Ms Nguyen said:
“It is an honour to receive such a great amount of support, and for me it is also an affirmation that what I am working on is meaningful and can have a significant contribution towards the understanding of prostate cancer biology and the exploration of potential treatments that can benefit prostate cancer patients.”

“This generous support encourages students like me to work harder and keep improving ourselves and our research in order to generate more significant and meaningful work.”

Over five years, these postgraduate scholarships will support three PhD students working with SAiGENCI in the area of prostate cancer research by providing each student with a supplementary scholarship of $10,000 per annum and $5,000 towards travel to attend a scientific conference to share their research or other research-related costs.

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