Travel Grants Support Julia and Deanna showcase PhD research in Europe

Final year PhD students Deanna Miller and Julia Scott each received travel awards from the University of Adelaide’s Graduate Research School and Adelaide Medical School that have enabled them to travel to Europe to visit collaborators and present their research at an international cancer conference.

Deanna and Julia visited collaborator Professor Johannes Swinnen in the Laboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Cancer at KU Leuven in Belgium.  During the weeklong visit, Deanna and Julia were able to see and learn the technical details behind their collaborators lipidome (fat) analysis of prostate cancer cells they have sent to the Belgium group during their PhDs.  They also had the opportunity to present their research and receive constructive feedback for manuscripts to help finish off their PhDs.  Rounding off the visit to Belgium was a Lipidomics Symposium at KU Leuven focussed on lipids and current research into their roles in cancer and disease.

Deanna Eacr
“Whilst in Belgium I presented my data to Johan Swinnen and another highly regarded cancer research from Belgium Sarah-Maria Fendt. Both Johan and Sarah gave me some really good feedback on my PhD project and great ideas about how to strengthen my first author manuscript.” Deanna Miller

The duo then travelled to Bilbao in Spain for the European Association for Cancer Research Cancer Metabolism Conference.  The three-day meeting brought together experts and leading researchers in the field of cancer metabolism from laboratories all over the world.  Both Deanna and Julia shared their research which provided another opportunity to receive further valuable feedback and new ideas for future work.

Julia Eacr
“The opportunity to network in person with leaders in my field of interest for the future was invaluable for the development of my scientific career. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this meeting and visit Prof. Swinnen’s laboratory at KU Leuven, facilitated by travel awards in 2022.” Julia Scott

Deanna and Julia would like to thank the University of Adelaide’s Graduate Research School and Adelaide Medical School for their travel awards.  Without these their international experiences would not have been possible. 

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