Connected Conversations | Isobel Marshall

The next instalment in our series, Connected Conversations, catches-up with third-year medicine student, Isobel Marshall. Read about how she has adjusted to slowing down, staying connected and maintaining a routine.

Isobel Marshall


Tell us about yourself…

I’m known as Izzy, I am 21 years old and live in Unley with my parents, brother and three dogs (four when my boyfriend is around!) I usually work various casual jobs throughout the year, but my time is generally divided between my studies and TABOO; the social enterprise I founded with a friend in 2017. TABOO is a brand of organic cotton pads and tampons and we sell our product mainly online to raise funds that are directed towards projects that make sure periods don’t stop women and girls from working or going to school in Sierra Leone and Uganda. TABOO has taken us to Kenya, India, Alice Springs and Barcelona, where our product is manufactured in a hydro-powered factory!

What do you miss about physically being at University?

Seeing my amazing friends!

What changes have you made to your studies?

While there is a temporary teaching pause, I’ve just been doing some self-directed learning into the topics that I have always been a little bit rusty on! This has also been a great opportunity to spend more time on TABOO from my laptop at home. We are still very much selling our products online so not a lot has changed in that regards.

Have you adjusted your expectations on what you want to achieve right now?

Absolutely! However, for me this has mostly been in relation to socialising. For some reason, I always feel this pressure to always be busy and whenever I have a spare moment, I always prioritise seeing someone I need to catch up with, which in itself is a great thing! But I think that this period has taught me that sometimes I’m allowed to take a spare moment for myself and recharge my batteries a little.

What changes have you enjoyed making?

I’ve discovered that I love going for walks! Pre-isolation, I would just go on a run to get in as many kilometres as possible in a short amount of time – but walking is so good for your body and mind!

How are you staying motivated?

I’m still getting up early, still making my bed and always getting out of my PJ’s before I start anything important.

How do you keep in touch with your lecturers, peers, friends or family?

Being at home more than normal has given me a great opportunity to connect with my family. I also love calling my friends while I’m walking to keep connected to them. I have church every week on Zoom which is such a different experience, but it’s allowed me to stay connected to the community in a wonderful new way.

What’s your best advice to stay positive during this time?

Just chill.

Name three things you won’t miss about this current time...

Not being able to go to cafes and restaurants; not being able to have a group of friends together at the same time and not being able to travel or have little getaways!

And, three things you won’t forget...

How empowering and beautiful humanity is when we’re working together for the same goal; that time spent baking and walking is time well spent and that it’s important to know that we can’t always be in control.

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