Connected Conversations | Roy Chan

We spoke to first year health and medical sciences student Roy Chan about learning at his own pace, staying focused and learning how to grow a garden in our next instalment of Connected Conversations.

Roy Chan

Tell us about yourself…

Hi, I’m Roy. I’m an international student from Hong Kong and I have been studying in Australia since 2016. I recently moved into Clarence Park with my mate since year nine. I really enjoy my time in Australia, and I have tried lots of new experiences and met some great people. I’m in my first year studying a Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences, but my goal is to become a physiotherapist. Doing the Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences is a great alternative pathway for me to physiotherapy. I am learning about anatomy and physiology and it helps me be prepared for future opportunities.

How have the current changes at University impacted your daily routine?

I used to go to Uni three days a week for my classes. Now, I can study online anywhere which gives me more flexibility to do other things that I enjoy. Recently, I had a tutorial by the beach, and went surfing right after I finished my class!

What do you miss most about physically being at University?

I miss the lab sessions for human anatomy. I had only been to the Ray Last Laboratory once and that was a memorable experience! I definitely want to go back to the lab as soon as possible. Online practicals are okay, but the atmosphere is completely different, and we can’t do the practical ourselves.

What opportunities do you see for the future?

Since most schools and universities are using Zoom for studies, I think online studies will be a popular choice in the future—especially for some students living regionally or for those who have long commutes. Before I moved, I had to spend more than an hour to get to Uni, which was a bit of a pain.

What changes have you made to your study plans?

My lecture is usually an hour long, now I can watch my lectures on Echo360 later in the day at home, with faster speed which saves me a lot of time! I can then spend more time on my assignments and revisions. Online classes are not as good as having classes at Uni; however, it gives me the opportunity to catch up with parts that I’m not familiar with.  

Name one thing during this time that has been pleasantly surprising for you.

As I’m spending more time at home, I finally have the time to learn how to maintain my garden! I’m also planning to plant some vegetables and herbs.

What are you doing to stay motivated?

I’m the type of person who can be easily distracted, especially studying at home. So, I have to make a timetable every day to remind me what to do for the next hour. Also, I will put my phone far away while studying so that I won’t be playing games in the middle of a lecture.

What are you doing to stay connected to your lecturers, peers, friends, family etc?

Since my parents are not in Australia, we FaceTime each other twice a week to stay connected and catch up. I also do lots of crazy Snapchat with my friends!

What’s the best advice you have heard to stay positive during this time?

Use the time to try lots of new things that you haven’t done before. For me, I have been cooking new recipes, learning to maintain my garden and I started watching a new TV series. All of these things help kill time during the boring parts of the day and help me stay positive!

Name three things you won’t miss about this current moment in time.

Not being able to hang out with my friends, have parties and play soccer with the team.

And, three things you won’t forget…

People are working hard, together to fight the disease. Staying at home 24/7 and that I did this photo shoot at my house!

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