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Supporting Aboriginal women’s health

Alice Rumbold's work is particularly focused on Aboriginal women’s health, particularly infertility and the care they receive when pregnant. After completing her PhD in 2005, Alice moved to the Northern Territory to conduct a range of projects for women in the remote communities in the area.

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Improving health in disadvantaged communities

Zohra Lassi’s keen interest in nutrition bought her all the way from Pakistan to delve further into research, completing her PhD at the University of Adelaide where she focused on seeking out methods which could help disadvantaged communities in Australia and beyond.

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Exploring mental health and wellbeing amongst vulnerable groups

Clemence Due is currently working on a range of disparate projects involving refugees, extending to dealing with the implications of parents who’ve experienced pregnancy loss in non-normative family types like single parents and lesbian couples. She also has research underway about access to primary health services for those with psychological distress, and teaches across first, second and third years of the Bachelor of Psychological Science.

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Developing alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs post organ transplant

Kisha Sivanathan is leading the way to develop an alternative to heavy reliance on pharmaceutical drugs post organ transplant with her intensive stem cell research. Since completing her PhD in August 2016, Kisha has not only received the WREA award for her discoveries, but also recently received her first independent project grant to extend the scope of her studies in stem cell research, immunology and transplantation.

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