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Connected Conversations | Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller

As the University prepares to return to campus, we met up with a few our staff and students to reflect on the past few months and hear about their hopes for the future. Check out our Connected Conversation with Professor Caroline Miller who has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 policy response.

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Connected Conversations | Anil Powar

Anil Pwoar

Adjusting to a new country as well as university life has been tough at times for first-year dentistry student Anil Powar. But choosing when to view lectures online and ordering Uber Eats most nights have helped with the transition. Read the full interview here.

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Connected Conversations | Shona Crabb


Over the past few months, public health has been at the top of our news feeds. For Dr Shona Crabb–a senior public health lecturer and the faculty’s Director for Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion–this time has been a chance to bring society and health to the forefront of our conversations. We caught up with Shona one chilly evening to learn more in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Summer Research Scholarships

Two students sitting at a table inside the AHMS building talking, with sun flare through windows behind them

Develop new skills, build relationships and gain valuable experience that may pave the way for your postgraduate study and future career in research. The Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship program is open to continuing undergraduate students, particularly those in the later years of their bachelor degree who are interested in pursuing research studies.

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Connected Conversations | Yeganeh Soltanpour


In our latest edition of Connected Conversations, third year psychology student Yeganeh imparted some great tips about how she is staying organised to manage online learning and how she reduced the pressure she was placing on herself. She also shared what she misses about being on campus.

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Connected Conversations | Catherine Stapledon


Despite some changes to her daily routine, PhD candidate and research officer, Catherine Stapledon has been pleasantly surprised at how much she has achieved by working from home over the past few months. Read the full interview here in our latest Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Jocelyne Mulangala

Jocelyne Mulangala

We chatted with PhD student, heart researcher, STEM enthusiast and, fitness fan, Jocelyne Mulangala, about how the goals set earlier this year have kept her grounded during the recent months and how she is staying motivated. She has also learned some new skills in the process, read more in our latest Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Tom Benjamin

Tom Benjamin

For researcher and lecturer, Dr Tom Benjamin the move to online learning has barely changed his routine. Forging ahead with research and online learning courses with just a computer and an internet connection, has seen Tom easily adapt to the recent changes to University life. Discover more in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Clinton Kempster

Clinton Kempster

Embracing the move to online teaching and relishing the new opportunities that comes with it, is Adelaide Dental School lecturer, Clinton Kempster. We learnt a lot from Clinton about e-learning, the importance of regular check-ins and the strength of our University community in our latest edition of Connected Conversations.

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Connected Conversations | Kate Sharley

Kate Sharley

The ‘new normal’ is here as many of us continue to work and learn from home. Limited face-to-face teaching has commenced but campus life as we once knew it is still a little way off. Today, we launch our second series of Connected Conversations with sixth year medical student, Kate Sharley. We recently chatted with Kate about how she’s adapted to the learning online; if she’s feeling more (or less) productive and what it’s like being back on placement.

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