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Connected Conversations | Elise Prior

Elise Prior

From growing up in the country to settling into big city life, psychology student, Elise Prior’s journey through university has certainly not been ordinary. While many students stress about assignment deadlines and looming exams, Elise is also silently battling a chronic illness. This doesn’t stop her from getting involved in every aspect of campus culture though! Representing a number of university areas in mentorship positions means Elise is able to share her keen enthusiasm, bright personality, and infectious energy to inspire others.

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Connected Conversations | Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson

A ground-breaking career in science and health has seen Science and Technology Australia President-elect, Professor Mark Hutchinson, don many hats over the years. Now, Mark is working as hard as ever, looking to contribute even more to the positive impact of science in our community.

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Connected Conversations | Viythia Katharesan

Viythia Katharesan

Adelaide Medical School lecturer, Dr Viythia Katharesan’s, journey with the University of Adelaide started over 10 years ago with her undergraduate studies — well before the world had even imagined anything like COVID-19. For Viyth, working from home last year not only meant she had to get creative with her teaching but also meant more family time with Maya and Meera.

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Connected Conversations | Sepehr Shakib

Sepehr Shakib

Teaching and learning look a bit different in the post-COVID world. With online lectures and Zoom meetings galore, pharmacology professor, Professor Sepehr Shakib, is taking teaching innovation outside the virtual classroom. Sepehr took to Instagram to share his lessons and went from eight Facebook friends to over 1,000 Instagram followers in just a few months.

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Connected Conversations | Jessica Park

Jessica Park

When the path of medical research was the wrong fit, President of the Adelaide Nursing Students’ Society (ANSS), Jessica Park, found her calling in clinical nursing. Now, as she looks to complete her postgraduate studies, Jessica couldn’t be more excited to see what else life will bring her.

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Connected Conversations | Jiawen Li

Jiawen Li

Inspired by her grandfather to pursue a career in engineering and health, Dr Jiawen Li is now continuing her family’s legacy in STEM. Recently named a 2021-22 Superstar of STEM, Jiawen hopes to be a strong female role model for her daughter, Stella.

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Connected Conversations | Ryan Dorrian

Ryan Dorrian

By day, Ryan Dorrian is a happy-go-lucky PhD student looking to improve spinal cord injury treatment. By night, he’s on the hunt for the best ramen restaurants the world has to offer, and cheering on Liverpool for another Premiership victory.

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Connected Conversations | Shrutika Mane

Shrutika Mane

On top of being a second-year health and medical sciences student, Shrutika Mane juggles a range of other roles, including being an entrepreneurial dance teacher, TEDx presenter, Headspace Youth Ambassador, and Miss India Australia – just to name a few. Add all this to majoring in public health during a global pandemic and you could say Shrutika has her hands pretty full. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Connected Conversations | Khalia Primer

Image of Khalia

A first-year human biology course steered 2020 Three Minute Thesis winner, Khalia Primer, on a path to biochemistry and genetics. Working on her PhD in SAHMRI’s Vascular Research Centre, Khalia hopes to understand the effects of diabetes on blood vessel cells and vascular complications.

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Connected Conversations | Claire Jones

Image of Claire

In between being a full-time mother of three, Dr Claire Jones balances the worlds of biomechanics and mechanical engineering as she explores the tandem of her multidisciplinary research.

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