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Connected Conversations | Khalia Primer

Image of Khalia

A first-year human biology course steered 2020 Three Minute Thesis winner, Khalia Primer, on a path to biochemistry and genetics. Working on her PhD in SAHMRI’s Vascular Research Centre, Khalia hopes to understand the effects of diabetes on blood vessel cells and vascular complications.

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Connected Conversations | Claire Jones

Image of Claire

In between being a full-time mother of three, Dr Claire Jones balances the worlds of biomechanics and mechanical engineering as she explores the tandem of her multidisciplinary research.

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Connected Conversations | Greg Crawford

Image of Greg

Many might know clinical titleholder, Professor Greg Crawford, as the organist for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Declaration Ceremonies but he has been a part of the University of Adelaide community since his undergraduate studies. Now working at SA Health, Greg continues to explore many areas of clinical care and research, while nurturing his love of music.

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Connected Conversations | Emma Solly

Image of Emma

With an initial interest in chemical engineering, Emma Solly eventually found her passion in medical research. Now a PhD candidate with the University and SAHMRI, Emma is excited to publish her first lead author research paper this year.

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Connected Conversations | Leonie Heilbronn

Image of Leonie

The COVID-19 pandemic threatened to throw a spanner into Associate Professor Leonie Heilbronn’s work, but 2021 presents new hope for her clinical trials investigating diet.

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Connected Conversations | Elyce Kenny

Image of Elyce

Back in 2008, Elyce Kenny was among the first cohort of undergraduate nursing students at the University of Adelaide. Though she had a successful career in the clinical environment, Elyce always knew her heart was in education. Now, over 10 years later, she’s back at the University teaching our next generation of nurses.

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Connected Conversations | Jessica Sharkey, Annabel Sorby-Adams & Bianca Guglietti

Image of Jessica, Annabel and Bianca

Best friends, Jessica Sharkey, Annabel Sorby-Adams and Bianca Guglietti met during their PhD studies. Now, with their studies winding up, they’re travelling down very different paths but the bond they’ve forged is as strong as ever.

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Connected Conversations | Rachel Gibson

Image of Rachel Gibson

The University’s new School of Allied Health Science and Practice welcomed its very first student intake in February but Professor Rachel Gibson and her team have been working hard behind-the-scenes well before 2021.

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Connected Conversations | Shannon Barnes

Image of Shannon

After a successful career as a registered nurse of 15 years, Shannon Barnes now has her sights set on a PhD. Combining a passion for clinical healthcare and evidence-based research, she proves that the health industry opens doors to endless opportunities.

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Connected Conversations | Yoko Brigitte Wang

Image of Yoko in her lab

Science and art might be the furthest apart two disciplines can be but third-year PhD student, Yoko Brigitte Wang, recently found science communication—now combining the best of both worlds. A precursor to her interdisciplinary passions, Yoko’s research focuses on neuroscience and nutritional epidemiology and her inspiration dates back to her high school days.

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