Josephine Hinneh travels to Japan as part of her PhD program

Originally from Ghana, Josephine commenced her PhD with us in March following completion of her Masters at Mie University in Japan.

Her PhD is unique in that she holds a joint enrolment with the University of Adelaide and Nagoya University in Japan, and she will complete years 1 and 3 of her program in Adelaide and year 2 in Nagoya. Her project is identifying novel androgen receptor regulated pathways in prostate cancer cells that can be targeted in combination therapies with enzalutamide (Xtandi) for more effective treatment of prostate cancer patients.

In November, Josephine travelled to Nagoya University as part of a delegation from the University of Adelaide to present her work at the FLAN Symposium, meet her supervisor Prof.  Momokazu Gototh and plan the part of her project that will be completed there. This joint PhD program is a fantastic opportunity to promote new collaboration opportunities with Japanese researchers and facilitate access to Japanese tissue banks that can enhance our research.

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