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IT Support


Please contact the IT Staff from the People page. Or you can email

What we Provide

  • Internet connection in houses. Please don't use these for torrenting video files.
  • Desktop computer in most houses, if you don't have a laptop.
  • Learning Centre workstations (only in Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and Whyalla)
  • Wireless


  • A lot of your lectures will be presented via the VC system.  Your learning centre's VC system will be automatically dialled a few minutes before the lecture begins.
  • The VC system has limitations. For example, it doesn't cope well when everyone's talking at once, so take turns to talk. Mute microphone if you don't need to talk, and don't put your books on top of the mic.
  • Info on how to use the remotes

When to Contact Us

  • How to use the VC system
  • Home internet outages
  • Connecting laptop to network at house

If there's a problem, contact us as soon as possible. Fixing outages in rural areas can take longer than in metropolitan areas, so the sooner we know about it the sooner it'll be fixed.

Rural Clinical School

Ground Floor, 122 Frome Street
The University of Adelaide
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T: +61 8 8313 6280