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Consider Going Rural

There are many reasons to go rural.

  • This is an opportunity to have dedicated supervision and lots of one on one interactions with other health professionals.
  • The camaraderie among health professional staff in rural towns really fosters true interdisciplinary learning and many social opportunities.
  • You have the chance to really hone your people skills and get comfortable with interacting with patients and clients.
  • You will often have a dedicated student coordinator who can assist you on a wide variety of matters. These people know their towns well, the activities, the opportunities and how to make the best of the experience.
  • Patients and clients in rural towns appreciate the opportunity to help out new health professionals. For those on longer placements the opportunities for ongoing care open up new experiences and learning opportunities.
  • In many learning centres there is the chance to mix with students from other disciplines and this can be a great social and networking opportunity.
  • Student accommodation is furnished, comfortable and includes internet connection.
  • You can explore the surrounding areas, find out about new places, meet new people and challenge yourself if you want to.

.....I had a couple of experiences where....the patients would ring up the receptionist and ask can they speak with me was a bit funny but it was really, you know, it was very humbling and very lovely to have had that experience with the patients when I was there. Previous Rural Student
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