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Year 6 Selective Program

Students can undertake selectives in the following disciplines

  • Medicine or Surgery
  • Primary Care
  • Psychiatry

Students must take at least one rural-based selective (International students are exempt but may elect to undertake a rural placement if they wish).

The Year 6 program consists of two semesters, one of which contains selectives. Students must take at least one rural based selective with the exception of International students or national students who have already fulfilled the rural placement requirements. Students can elect to go to any of our learning centres or we can assist students in other rural placements.

For students travelling to the RCS Learning Centres, the following is provided:

  • Free Accommodation
  • One return travel reimbursement up to, or equivalent to, a trip from Adelaide to placement Location
  • IT access at accommodation
  • Student Coordinator - onsite staff member to assist in general support issues and orientation to the location.
  • Academic support may also be available

Support given to students depends on a number of variables. It is best to check with the Student Placement Administration Officer to confirm the information above as some terms and conditions apply.

Rural Clinical School

Ground Floor, 122 Frome Street
The University of Adelaide
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T: +61 8 8313 6280