The Adelaide School of Psychology has strong international reputation for world leading research into human mental and physical health, thinking, performance, and behaviour.

We are one of only five Schools in Australia to have been recognised with the highest rating for engagement for psychology and cognitive sciences in the Australian Government’s 2018 Engagement and Impact Assessment. We have long-standing partnerships with industry and provide training that equips our graduates with skills that are ready to apply. We are constantly looking toward new and emerging challenges to translate our research into practice

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Our four major research groups — Healthy Communities, Lifespan Development, Human Cognition & Performance, and Education & Meta-Research — engage with industry and community partners to ensure the work we do addresses the most important challenges and positively impacts society.

Healthy Communities

We contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of communities. Our School is home to leading researchers in health and community psychology who are working to understand and improve health and wellbeing across cultural and community contexts.

Human Cognition and Performance

We work to enhance decision making and workplace performance. In the Human Cognition and Performance Centre, we focus on understanding how people reason and make decisions for enhanced performance and wellbeing in the workplace and other settings.

Lifespan Development

We strive to improve outcomes across the lifespan. Our researchers in the Lifespan Development Centre are working to understand fundamental questions about human development across the lifespan—from infancy to adulthood to end of life. Our work in the Develop Well group focuses on the foundations of psychological development helping children and the community support children into adulthood.

Education and Meta-Research

We research our outstanding and innovative teaching practices. Our research in the Education & Meta-Research Centre focuses on the enhancement and evaluation of teaching and learning approaches, and research methodologies in psychology. We engage in scholarship about teaching and instruction both to improve our own practice and lead in the implementation of innovation in teaching and learning practice.

How to get started in research

If you want to challenge yourself and potentially pursue a career in research, but aren’t sure where to start, consider applying for our Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) or Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) (Honours).

The honours program enables you to research an area of personal interest, and develop the skills required for postgraduate study at a higher level (see below), through coursework and completing a thesis.

Completing an honours degree is also a prerequisite for our Master of Psychology degrees. Find out more about applying for honours within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Postgraduate research degrees in Psychology

The School of Psychology offers a range of exciting postgraduate research opportunities aimed at helping you make an impact in your chosen field of study. Staff and students within the school are engaged in research fields of cognition, perception, neuropsychology, and individual differences. There is also a strong emphasis on applied research engaging with social and organisational issues. Further interests focus on health and wellbeing throughout the human lifespan, the evaluation of interventions to promote health and wellbeing, and associated health policy implications.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the basic qualification for a research career or academic position and is a stepping stone to a range of career opportunities. The PhD involves three to four years of research for a full-time candidate or the equivalent in half-time candidature, together with participation in the compulsory Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program, which requires completion of 120 hours of activities prior to thesis submission. The candidate completes the approved program of study and research under supervision and presents a thesis embodying the results of the original investigation.

Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy is offered in every faculty as the primary research master’s degree available to prospective research students. 

Ready to take the next step?

You’ll find full admission requirements for each of these degrees in the Adelaide Graduate Centre Academic Program Rules.

Then, to apply for one of our higher degrees by research, visit the Adelaide Graduate Centre. If you have any queries, contact