• Frailty mapping instrument

    Frail and pre-frail estimates for Australia:

    Frailty mapping instrument

    Developed by Dr Danielle Taylor, and Dr Helen Barrie, in conjunction with Prof Renuka Visvanathan, international investigator Dr Olga Theou, Mr Mark Thompson and Mr Jarrod Lange.

  • What is frailty

    Every Step You Take Matters:

    A consumer friendly video animation resource to raise awareness about the health issue of frailty building on the research evidence generated by the CRE Frailty and Healthy Ageing led by Dr Mandy Archibald.

  • Screening for frailty

    Frailty and the Pictorial Fit Frail Scale

    The Pictorial Fit-Frail Scale (PFFS) uses simple visual images to assess a person’s level of fitness-frailty

    Jangan Hilang Keupayaan Berdikari Disebabkan Frailty (Don't Lose your capacity to be independent because of frailty?) – (Malay language video)

  • SEARCH - Frailty screening and management

    SEARCH - Frailty screening and management

    The SEARCH (Self-Assessed Report of Personal Capacity & Healthy Ageing) is an assessment of personal capacity and health using self-reported questions. The SEARCH tool can be used for frailty screening. Any deficits identified in screening should be followed up with assessment by a health professional.

    The SEARCH-Plan is a resource for health professionals which provides recommendations for further assessment for personal capacity deficits identified in SEARCH. A range of potential interventions are described in the second part of the document.

    The SEARCH and SEARCH-Plan are Copyright of the University of Adelaide (2021) and were developed by Mark Q Thompson, Solomon Yu, Olga Theou, and Renuka Visvanathan. The SEARCH was first published as the 'Adelaide Frailty Index' as Supplementary File #2 in:

    • Ambagtsheer RC, Visvanathan R, Dent E, Yu S, Schultz TJ, Beilby JMD. Commonly used screening instruments to identify frailty among community-dwelling older people in a general practice (primary care) setting: a study of diagnostic test accuracy. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2020;75(6):1134-42.

    These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. These works can be freely used in un-altered form and acknowledging the University of Adelaide.

  • Guidelines on frailty

    Current guidelines on frailty:

    • The British Geriatric Society has launched a two-part guidance on the recognition and management of older patients with frailty in community and outpatient settings: "Fit for Frailty"
    • The Global Ageing Research Network has generated a "White Book On Frailty"
  • Guidelines on nutrition

    Current guidelines on nutrition:

For consumers

Information that consumers and their carers might find useful.