Participate In Research

The work of the centre could not be carried out without the invaluable support of members of the public that volunteer to participate in our research. Below are current research studies seeking volunteers.

  • Participants: Judo-based exercise study to prevent falls and harm from falling

    We are looking for older adults to participate in a study examining the feasibility and effects of a judo-based exercise program on balance, physical function and fear of falling in community-dwelling older people.

    You are eligible to participate in this study if you are:

    • Aged 65 years or older
    • Living at home (or in an independent living unit)
    • Willing to participate in a judo-based exercise program including 2 centre-based exercise sessions per week in Thebarton, South Australia
    • Available for the Study period of 8 weeks

    A copy of the study flier is available for download.

    If you are interested in participating please contact Dr Agathe Daria Jadczak via phone: 8133 4012 (Mon-Wed) or email: to confirm your eligibility for this study.

  • Survey: Making the invisible visible: Exploring the experiences of frail, homebound and bedridden people

    CRE Frailty & Healthy Ageing researcher Dr Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza is conducting an online survey to capture people’s views and experiences on the topic.

    Making the invisible visible: Exploring the experiences of frail, homebound and bedridden people.

    The survey explores social and health issues that people, particularly those who are frail, homebound, and bedridden, are experiencing in Australia. The survey will give homebound and bedridden participants the opportunity to provide a photograph of something that represents their lived experience alongside a written description. The survey is available until 2 Aug 2020.

    Take the survey

    This information will be used to create an anonymous socio-scientific exhibition of posters to be rotated within different locations and online at Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome South Australia & the Caring Futures Institute (CFI).

    Dr Pinero de Plaza was awarded a CFI accelerator grant to undertake this project and translate the findings of this study into a socio-scientific exhibition (posters), which will present better evidence of what it means to be frail and/or eventually become a homebound or bedridden person in Australia.