Medication & Frailty

This research program will examine the impact of medicines on frailty, and determine if frailty is a driver of susceptibility to adverse drug events. Better prescribing to this population group is likely to translate into cost-effective healthcare.

  • Proton pump inhibitors and frail older people

    Lead investigator: Dr Ivanka Hendrix

    Proton pump inhibitors and frail older people

    Inappropriate medication use is the use of medications where the risks associated with their use outweigh the benefits. Inappropriate medication use is common in older Australian people and is associated with significant adverse effects including hospitalisation and death. Proton pump inhibitors are acid suppressive medications which are commonly used to treat gastric-acid related disorders and have been identified to be frequently used inappropriately. Deprescribing is the process of withdrawal of inappropriate medications. Although small studies has shown that deprescribing is safe and effective, health professionals continue to find it difficult to cease inappropriate medications. A structured, innovative deprescribing intervention will be thefore be ​designed by engaging all stakeholders involved in the deprescribing process to reduce the rates of inappropriate proton pump inhibitor use in older Australians. This research will also ensure inclusion of older people with mental health conditions

    Media contact: Dr Ivanka Hendrix