HDA Publication Awards 2023 - NOW OPEN!

Up to three successful applicants will be awarded $500 each in three categories.

- HDA PhD Publication Award

- HDA ECR Publication Award

- HDA MCR Publication Award


To recognise and promote research publications of our HDR students, early career and mid career researcher members.


Open to our HDR students, early career and mid career research members, who are enrolled in PhD or Masters of Research, or up to 10 years post PhD undertaking either basic, clinical, biomedical, social science, or community-based research in developmental health and wellbeing, education, resilience or disease in pregnancy, infancy, childhood or adolescence.

The nominees must be the first author of the paper.

The publication must be peer reviewed and have been published in the 2023 calendar year.  

The publication will be scored against originality, project quality and significance to HDA.

Open to paid members residing in Adelaide, South Australia. Membership is $30 (excluding GST) for 1 year or $60 (excluding GST) for 3 years https://health.adelaide.edu.au/healthy-development-adelaide/get-involved


Application process:

Applicants should submit the following documents:

1. a 100-200 word statement outlining the originality (new knowledge, innovativeness, impact) of your submitted paper.

2. a 100-200 word statement outlining the project quality (rigour, thoroughness, technical excellence) of your submitted paper.

3. a 100-200 word statement outlining the significance to HDA (relevance to current or emerging issues of importance to HDA) of your submitted paper.

4. A pdf copy of the peer reviewed publication (original research, systematic/scoping review, book chapter may be considered on a case by case basis).

5. Evidence of PhD/Masters of Research enrolment or date of conferral.

Selection process and funding conditions:

Payment will be made to a nominated bank account.

Awardees and their winning publications will be promoted in the HDA Newsletter and on HDA social sites (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).


Applications will close at 5.00pm Monday 1 January 2024.

Late applications will not be considered.

Enquires and/or Submit applications to anne.jurisevic@adelaide.edu.au

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