HDA Women’s Excellence in Research Award 2024 - NOW OPEN!

Open to HDA women mid-career researchers!


To recognise and celebrate excellence of research achievement by women working in the field of developmental health.

To raise awareness of and support career development for women mid-career researchers.


Open to HDA women mid-career researchers with 5-10 years post PhD undertaking basic or clinical, biomedical or social science research in developmental health, resilience or disease in pregnancy, infancy, childhood or adolescence.

Open to paid members. Membership is $30 (excluding GST) for 1 year or $60 (excluding GST) for 3 years https://health.adelaide.edu.au/healthy-development-adelaide/get-involved

Selection process:

Applicants will submit a 300 word abstract describing their research focus and demonstrating the significance and impact of their research.

Applicants will also submit a 300 word statement addressing “How my research is relevant to improving the health and wellbeing of children and/or adolescents”

Applicants will submit a current CV with track record of research achievements (3 page maximum).

The HDA Executive Committee will assess all submissions and the successful applicant will be chosen to present their research at a HDA lecture event this year.

The successful applicant will be presented with a certificate and awarded $1,000.

Funding conditions:

Payment will be made to a nominated institutional project code provided by the successful applicant.

Applications will close at 5.00pm Friday 16 February 2024.

Late applications will not be considered.

Submit applications to anne.jurisevic@adelaide.edu.au

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